History plays a vital role in the world. Every place has some or other roots that you should trace back to understand a place under consideration in a better way. It is essential because many significant incidents have left an enormous impact on the present times. Getting to know more about it would help you better understand the present, with the past being the vantage point.

The Redmoon Theater company in Chicago made one such attempt to understand and celebrate the significant historical event. It is one of the famous companies when it comes to the realm of innovation and creativity. However, their attempt to cherish a historical event of the rebirth of Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 failed in many people’s eyes.Below stated is the point of view of many people who regarded the event as unsuccessful.

Why do people regard Great Chicago Fire Festival as a lot lesser than what it claimed to be?

Chicago Fire Festival

The great Chicago Fire Festival claimed to do a grand commemoration of the infamous event of the Great Chicago Fire that took place in 1871, intending to celebrate the resilience and strength with which Chicago evolved out of that threatening incident to give itself a rebirth by tackling all the ruins of it.

The idea of the celebration of such a significant event served people with a lot of hopes to witness something awe-inspiring at the pageant organized on the Chicago River. It could be seen from the very fact that there was an estimated number of around 30,000 people present there to witness it. However, all the hopes went in vain as the event proceeded.

Chicago Fire Festival

There were many reasons for it. One of the crucial reasons was that the portrayal of the incident. It was presented in such a simple manner that it left behind so many complexities of history. Also, the event as proceeded by Redmoon Theater failed to relate the past with the present of Chicago to ask complex yet essential questions.

The event was marked with festivities as a celebration of the symbolic rebirth of Chicago, with many markets and events related to music, poetry, dance etc., being conducted. A lot of food stalls were also there. The climax was planned in a grand manner where the steamboats would be completely burning the three floating Victorian houses. But that failed too. The houses did not burn completely, thus, taking away the chance of a grand spectacle ultimately followed by a blame game that culminated with the conclusion that rain damaged the switches.

Also, how the settlement of the entire event was staged presented the contemporary challenges that very much prevails there. One of them is the inequality that marks the city of Chicago, where only the elite could have the courage to call Chicago a “world-class city” with reference to Rahm Emanuel’s slogan. The people who are discriminated against in Chicago would not call it that.

Chicago Fire Festival


Thus, we can conclude by saying that the Great Chicago Fire Festival failed at portraying what it wanted to show. Instead, it brought to the forefront some issues of the present Chicago, linking those to the past and raising complex yet essential questions that would have made the event much more productive.

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